Edison Mail’s new Inbox-like assistant will remind you of upcoming bills, trips, and events


When it came out in 2017, EasilyDo was an Inbox alternative for non-Gmail users, before changing its name to Edison Mail a few months later. It offered advanced features such as Smart Replies, which most emails clients didn’t have back then. The app is now becoming even smarter, as it’s getting a built-in smart assistant.

Edison Mail already offered some help when it came to managing subscriptions, bulk deleting emails, and blocking senders. Thanks to its new assistant, it’ll make sure you don’t miss invitations or forget about over tasks like paying bills. It will also remind you of upcoming itineraries, so you don’t have to worry about checking in for your flight.
The new calendar integration can remind you when you forget to RSVP to an invitation and automatically provide you with reminders before an event, so everything is centralized in the app. Edison Mail can also pro-actively let you know when an approaching bill is due, so you never miss the deadline again. Lastly, it will provide you with reminders a few days before a trip, together with restaurant and hotel recommendations for the destination, as well as the weather forecast.
These features are particularly useful, especially since not all email providers offer them. For instance, I’m genuinely considering making the switch to Edison Mail for my work email, as these would definitely make it easier for me to manage my tasks.

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